Gaggia Platinum Swing Up Review

If you are an espresso fanatic that wants to easily and quickly make a quality shot any time you want at home, then the Gaggia Platinum Swing Up just may be the espresso maker that you have been searching for.  The Gaggia brand is known and respected worldwide and this espresso machine is easy to use, durable, and full of features that are often seen in much more expensive machines.

Priced in the mid-range of espresso machines, an investment in this Gaggia Platinum model will result in high quality and very tasty coffee drinks.  The Swing Up comes with the Milk Island accessory.  Easily hook it up to the espresso machine, fill it with the milk of your choice, and it automatically steams and froths milk in mere seconds.

You will find the easy to use controls on the front stainless steel or black plastic front panel, depending on the model you choose.  The dial is intuitive to use and allows for simple setting for whatever your coffee preferences.  A backlit wheel is the main control for adjusting the strength of your coffee drink.  It is also used to navigate through all of the menu options, and review the digital LCD screen for information and alerts.

The Platinum espresso maker, like other Gaggia models, is designed so that many parts are easily detached and re-installed for cleaning.  This is not true of all brands.  Multiple adjustments are also easily made depending on your set up or, for instance, the size cups you use for different drinks.

Ceramic Coffee Grinder

Let’s take a closer look at the coffee grinder and bean hopper.  The bean hopper has the capacity to hold more than 1/2 pound of your favorite coffee beans.  It is convenient to monitor the level of coffee beans through the transparent cover, but it is worth noting that this is not the recommended storage area of coffee beans for any length of time.  It is preferable to identify a reliable source for beans, purchase them in small quantities, and then store them in dark, tightly sealed containers for best taste.

The coffee grinder is the ceramic burr coffee grinder type, which is relatively quiet, but still high performance and a very consistent grinder.  The grinder is easily adjusted to fine tune your grind, and is removable when it comes time for machine cleaning.  Having said all of this about the grinder, the Gaggia Platinum Swing Up also features a bypass doser for the occasional use of pre-ground coffee.

Steam Wand and Milk Island

The revolving frothing wand is easy to use, and is always set to provide steam or hot water for many types of coffee drinks, such as americanos, cappucinos, lattes, hot chocolate, etc. The Pannarello wand used a ball-joint mount, which means easy maneuverability no matter what pitcher size you are using.

The Milk Island is a cool feature, but it is a matter of personal taste whether you prefer to froth your milk that way or simply use the steam wand.  Either way, you can’t really go wrong here.

Okay, What Else?

It could be argued that the water reservoir could be bigger, but there are always trade-offs.  The Gaggia Platinum Swing Up espresso machine is a compact kitchen appliance, and I guess there are design limits to consider.  The trade-off comes down to counter space, fitting under cabinets, etc. vs. filling up the reservoir a little more often.

The machine will go into power saving mode on its own if you forget to turn it off.  The alert and programming system helps you to easily operate them machine as well as informs you when some attention is required.  You can adjust settings for warer hardness, aroma strength, and rinsing cycles.  You will receive descaling notifications and low-bean warning signals.  There are even language options for the LCD display.

Of course you are able to adjust the espresso shot size.  So, what are you in the mood for – single espresso, tall coffee, short coffee, or is it time for a double espresso.  Set it, and forget it!  Two pour spouts means you can prepare two cups at the same time.

Alright, Already!

As a mid-priced espresso maker, the Gaggia Platinum Swing Up with Milk Island really packs in the features.  Combining quality construction, contemporary design, and up-to-date technology, Gaggia creates a coffee house right there in your kitchen.  It’s the perfect accessory for the aspiring home barista.

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